Did Ubisoft Toronto Just Tease Splinter Cell Remake News?

splinter cell remake

It was recently revealed that Ubisoft plans to host a Ubisoft Forward event in Los Angeles on June 10. It’s not yet known what’ll be announced or demoed during the showcase, but one title that gamers the world over are holding out hope for is a new (or a remade) Splinter Cell game. As luck would have it, that might just be what ends up being shown.

Recently, Ubisoft Toronto made changes to its social media profile on Facebook, updating the profile photo and cover image to represent Splinter Cell, the twenty-two-year-old stealth shooter that has stood dormant for more than a decade.

Is It Time, Sam?

It was a couple of years ago that Ubisoft Toronto revealed it was working on a remake of the first Splinter Cell game. However, since that announcement was made, little information has been shared – until now, it seems. Thanks to a recent social update, it seems that Ubisoft Toronto is poised to share news regarding the Splinter Cell remake — either that or someone in the office has the password to the team’s Facebook account and a sick sense of humour.

It’s speculation at its finest, but the timing is right. There should be a stacked deck of titles lined up for the Ubisoft Forward showcase, and Splinter Cell would be the icing on the cake. It’s one of the only core franchises from Ubisoft’s extensive line-up that hasn’t been populated with something new in recent years.

Otherwise, fans are hoping to see more from The Division, Assassin’s Creed: Codename Red, Far Cry, and potentially Skull & Bones.

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  1. I hope it means we’ll see something iin June, but I’m a bit skeptical. Ubisoft may simply be “refreshing” all their pages with new graphics. Earlier today they oddly uploaded a new profile picture and background image to the Far Cry 6 page.

    The Division: Resurgence tech test is taking place now. (Not taking part in it.) I’m pretty sure we’ll see that game. Anything other than that I’ve learned not to get my hopes up.

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