Ubisoft Reveals First Screenshots of The Splinter Cell Remake Concept Art

Ubisoft has officially revealed the first screenshots of the Splinter Cell Remake concept art in a new video celebrating the series’ 20th anniversary.

You can see all of the concept art images below:

When talking about the Splinter Cell remake, Creative Director Chris Auty said “we have some exciting things coming up as well with Splinter Cell. There’s an animated series that’s being worked on with our friends at Netflix as well as the Remake itself which of course we know because we’re all working on that.”

“It’s not simply a remaster it’s being built from the ground up, we get to do all the content from scratch, fresh and ready to go.”

“Yeah, we’re aiming to create this top-tier remake and push quality as much as possible this should help us set a good foundation for the franchise going forward”, Zavian Porter, Associate Level Design Director added.

The team confirmed that the team is still very early in production and the team is still prototyping.

“We want to make sure that we absolutely nail the game, we actually do everything the right way and produce an absolutely stellar quality experience”, Auty said,

It was also said that the team will be “going dark for a little while” so the team can focus on making the “absolute best game possible”.

Are you looking forward to the Splinter Cell Remake?

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  1. Is it confirmed that Michael Ironside will be doing the voice for Sam Fisher? It would definitely be fantastic if he is.
    Also hope the game won’t be too liberal thats definitely a game breaker.

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