Modern Warfare 2 is Getting a “Rocket League” Gamemode and Map Called “CODBall”

I wish I was joking, but here we are. Modern Warfare 2 will be getting a Rocket League-Esque gamemode and map to celebrate this year’s World Cup called “CODball”.

Images leaked online last night from dataminer CODSploitzlmgz (since DMCA’d but provided to Insider Gaming privately) show players riding ATV’s in a football stadium. The objective, just like with Rocket League, is to hit the ball into the opposing team’s net.

The mode, named CODball, will feature footballers Neymar Jr, Pogba, and Messi who will come to the game as operators. Neymar will come to the game on November 21, Pogba on November 25, and Messi on November 29.

It’s expected that the gamemode will officially start when the first operator is added on November 21, but no official details have yet been provided by Activision on a release date.

Video and images provided to Insider Gaming show players driving around a colorful football pitch inside a football stadium and driving into a massive ball, which shows the “VICTORY” screen when the player scores – somewhat similar to between S&D rounds.

It’s currently not known how many players per side the gamemode will feature, but let’s just hope it’s similar to Rocket League with 2-3 players per side and not 11.

It’s believed that the Stadium and map have been development just for this limited time gamemode and will not feature in classic multiplayer.

What do you think of Modern Warfare 2 CODball?

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