Gears 6 Could Be Shown This Year, But ‘People Aren’t Ready’

gears 6

In the most recent episode of the Kinda Funny Xcast, the topic of Gears 6 came up, with the host, Parris Lilly, and leading guest Jeff Grubb making their predictions. They both claimed that something related to Gears 6 will happen this summer, prompting many to believe that a reveal will occur during the Xbox Summer Showcase.

The Verge’s Tom Warren corroborated these claims, adding more credence to the rumours that are swirling. It was claimed that The Coalition has been working on the next Gears of War game – widely assumed to be Gears 6 – for at least a year, so there’s likely a good amount of meat on the bones to reveal something during the Xbox Summer Showcase, should that be the case.

People Aren’t Ready

Speaking in a cryptic post on ResetEra, user ‘Shinobi602’ suggested that Gears 6 will boast mind-blowing visuals. This comment was made in response to users fawning over screenshots of Hellblade II:

Wait until you see Gears. People aren’t ready lol

There’s no further substance to that line, but given that many believe Gears 6 will be a ‘true next-gen game’, it would understandably be poised to flaunt the full processing power of whatever hardware comes next for Xbox.

Even if what’s shown at the Xbox Summer Showcase is a little more than a title flash, it’ll stoke the hype train nice and early for players residing on Team Green. It has already been five years since Gears 5 was released, and there’s a hunger there for a new iteration that would be satiated quite nicely with a new major title in the series.

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  1. No one cares unless Cliff is coming back. Honestly I think he’s right the series needs a reboot or soft reboot either start again or ignore The Coalition games. If this game flops maybe they finally bring Cliff back.

  2. People aren’t ready……. for the exact same copy and pasted animations from Gears 1 and 2, to yet ANOTHER new gen iteration.

  3. Gears 6 is highly anticipated for me. I honestly wouldn’t mind a soft reboot either. Look at how well the reboot of God of War did. Gears of War is a fantastic IP that has so much potential if it’s handled correctly. So glad I got an Xbox Series X for Christmas, there’s quite a few games on the horizon I’m looking forward to. Happy gaming ✌️

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