Microsoft is Testing a RAM Slider For Edge, It’s Claimed

Microsoft Logo

As first reported by The Verge, Twitter user @Leopeva64 has discovered that Microsoft is apparently planning a RAM Slider feature for Microsoft Edge.

Leopeva64 regularly digs up information about Microsoft Edge, posting images and details of their findings on Twitter.

In their recent post about the RAM slider, they mention that users can “choose whether this control is activated only when you are playing a game or always”.

This level of control would greatly benefit PC gaming, especially since many players have unique setups. RAM helps drive game performance, so fine-tuning it with a slider could help optimize a wide range of games.

The image also shows that users will get to scale RAM usage up to 16 GB. However, the image reveals that “setting a low limit may impact browser speed”. Users can access the feature via System and Performance, under ‘Resource Controls’.

Microsoft did not officially confirm this RAM setting feature, nor when it might be available for users.

In a follow-up tweet, Leopeva64 pointed out that “this new section is being tested in the Canary version (controlled rollout)”. So, if the RAM slider is still in testing, then an official announcement or release window might be a way off.

Microsoft is also working on new features on the console side. Earlier this week, reports surfaced suggesting that Microsoft is working on an AI chatbot for Xbox. This ‘Xbox Support Virtual Agent’ would answer support queries and more.

But PC setups are highly sensitive and flexible, so a new RAM setting in Microsoft Edge will surely please fans. Microsoft could potentially plan other related PC gaming features to accompany the RAM slider.

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