Microsoft is Developing an AI Chatbot for Xbox

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A new report from Tom Warren at The Verge has claimed that Microsoft is developing a new AI chatbot for Xbox. Microsoft has confirmed the existence of the AI chatbot with The Verge.

The new chatbot is an “animated embodied AI character” that will respond to Xbox support queries, says The Verge, and will also answer questions, process refunds, and more.

In recent days, Microsoft has expanded the Xbox chatbot, named the “Xbox Support Virtual Agent” to a broader pool of players, suggesting that it could be rolled out to players sooner rather than later. However, Microsoft has yet to make an announcement.

“During an Xbox all-hands meeting earlier this year, Microsoft executives outlined an “Xbox Everywhere” vision that included “AI innovation” as a key part of that ambition,” said The Verge.

Xbox isn’t the only console manufacturer and publisher to use AI, either. Just last month, Insider Gaming reported that PlayStation will be using an AI upscaler called PSSR as part of the release of the PlayStation 5 Pro. It seems to be a part of a broader strategy for the industry as a whole, and we certainly wouldn’t be surprised if news stories and announcements continue on companies using AI moving forward.

Just last week, the first images of the all-white digital series X leaked online, with rumors suggesting that the console could be rolled out in June or July. While there’s still yet no confirmation from Microsoft, the console is likely to be announced around the time of Summer Games Fest in June 2024.

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