Dead by Daylight Roadmap Revealed For April 2024

Dead By Daylight My Little Oni Event

In a new post on Twitter, the official Dead by Daylight account revealed a new roadmap for April 2024 content, featuring upcoming collections and Tome 19.

Many developers took to socials today to tease fake content for April Fool’s. However, Dead by Daylight added actual in-game content to celebrate today, the My Little Oni event. So, the roadmap does apparently showcase actual upcoming content.

The upcoming collections for April will include Techwear, Gothic Tales, Days Gone By, Chyrsalis, and Forgotten Myth. There are also release dates for each of these collections.

The roadmap also teases Tome 19 in the next archive, “Splendor”. It will roll out on April 23rd, and fans are already speculating on who the featured image is.

Notably, the new Dead by Daylight roadmap teases a Player Test Build for later this week on April 3rd. However, it’s still unclear what this will actually be held for. It’s unusual for Dead by Daylight to roll out a PTB on a Wednesday.

It might involve further, unannounced gameplay content. That could potentially balance out the sheer volume of cosmetics, which disappointed some fans.

For now, players will surely enjoy April Fool’s event My Little Oni. The limited-time event will run for just two days, leading up to the Player Test Build and Techwear collection release.

In My Little Oni, the titular Oni is gigantic, and players must repair 3 generators before they’re stepped on. The update also features a new Arlecchino mask for Vittorio Toscano, available through April 8th.

Last month, Dead by Daylight released the All Things Wicked update, featuring new killer The Unknown and new survivor Sable Ward.

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