Next Final Fantasy 7 Remake Already Under Way, Uematsu Possibly Returning

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Cloud and Sephiroth
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During a new interview from the official Square Enix Music Channel, Tetsuya Nomura and Kazushige Nojima said they are “hard at work” on the next game in the Final Fantasy 7 remake trilogy.

The two icons were laughing at this point in the interview, so it is hardly an official announcement. However, they did continue on, adding that “we’re off to the races already”.

Further, composer Nobuo Uematsu showed interest in returning, at least for the main theme of the game. However, Nomura and Nojima carefully said their invitation to return was not “an official statement” and more of “a gentleman’s agreement”.

Asking Uematsu to work on the third game, the composer said that “it’d be my honor”. He also said that “I’m honored you’re even extending the offer”. This implies they will very likely offer an official announcement sometime soon.

Critics and fans alike continue to praise Nobuo Uematsu’s work on the series. However, the Final Fantasy 7 remakes are an enormous undertaking. Uematsu does joke about taking a vacation before anything else.

It’s unclear if Nomura and Nojima were completely serious about actively working on the third game already. Last January, Square Enix President Takashi Kiryu mentioned plans to slim down and diversify the development lineup.

But investing as much as possible in the Final Fantasy 7 remakes would certainly make sense. After all, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth earned widespread acclaim from critics and fans alike. Though sales in Japan dropped 90% in its second week, alarming some fans, those numbers are normal for the market.

Square Enix is also looking to overhaul its development processes. According to some reports, the changes could come into effect sometime this month.

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  1. Heard from Maximilian Dood that this game is coming soon like a year or 2 from now and it’s in Unreal 4 as well.

    1. That guy is full of shit and been wrong many times more so more recently. The best guess is KH4 is next.

    2. If that’s true Square is going to have hell to pay. They should have made KH4 first the hype was there now they just took 2 L’s with FF 16 and 7R2. KH4 would have launched on Xbox and PC too so more people would play it unlike the PS5 exclusives. Not to mention if it’s in Unreal 4 still what’s the situation with 5?

  2. Where is Kingdom Hearts 4? Is Nomura working on anything else? Is Final Fantasy X/X-2 remake real and X-3?

  3. What’s the status of Kingdom Hearts 4 is the switch to Unreal 5 that big a problem? Is FF7 part 3 coming out before KH4?

  4. We need a Parasite Eve remake heard Nomura would be open to do that and a Chrono Trigger remake in the style of Dragon Quest XI.

  5. Where’s Kingdom Hearts 4?! I need an update on that not this that game was shown 2 years ago and still has had no update a trailer was teased for 2023 but nothing was shown and now the information has gone ghost. Nomura was last seen in an interview about Rebirth. Will Nomura only direct 1 game this generation and is this the only Kingdom Hearts console game for this generation? This franchise has just been obliterated by Square Enix after they dropped the ball so hard with 3 then found a way to reignite interest with 4 only to fumble the rollout of that tied to their bad business practices and out of touch feedback groups.

  6. Why are we hearing about this game when Kingdom Hearts 4 still hasn’t had a new update. They revealed a gameplay trailer and said development of that started back in 2019 where is that game? If Final Fantasy 7 remake part 3 comes out before Kingdom Hearts 4 it’s going to be war. 4 honestly I think has more to prove after the confusing mess 3 was Nomura has to win people back after what he pulled. Back then they should have just let Nomura make Versus 13 so he wouldn’t take his frustrations out on Kingdom Hearts 3 it’s obvious he’s using it to push a retooled idea of his previous plans and doesn’t care if it ruins the franchise because of how pissed he is.

  7. Rebirth just came out and they’re already sharing info on the next game?!? Bro where is Kingdom Hearts 4 they showed that game first and no new trailer has been seen since? How far away is that game?

  8. Fuck that where is Kingdom Hearts 4? Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth just came out is the next game coming out before Kingdom Hearts as well? How about making games for people born in the last 27 years. I remember multiple KH games coming out and they were great now we don’t get that anymore but 5 Final Fantasy bombs can come out back to back?

  9. Enough of FF7 Remakes, please CAPCOM… FF8 & FF9 are overdue for a glorious remake like FF7.

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