Silent Hill 2 Remake Gets ESRB Rating

Silent Hill 2 Remake

According to an updated page from the official ESRB website, the anticipated Silent Hill 2 remake is now officially rated M.

This shouldn’t surprise fans of the classic horror series. Besides being a remake, the franchise is consistently and creatively graphic.

However, a new rating from the ESRB signals that a release window might be imminent. Developer Bloober Team and publisher Konami still haven’t offered a concrete release date for Silent Hill 2.

silent hill 2

Besides a signal for the release window, the ESRB rating also features a customary rating summary. Although Silent Hill 2 is a remake, the summary does offer some details that fans can expect from the game.

This includes a pillow suffocation, and suggestive scenes like “characters pole-dancing in strip-club settings”.

Bloober Team did reveal a trailer for the Silent Hill 2 remake, though the combat trailer divided fans. PlayStation revealed the new gameplay trailer during its January State of Play. However, the developer ultimately addressed the backlash in February.

Bloober Team’s Piotr Babieno suggested that the “trailer does not reflect the spirit of the game”. They further explained that “we are not responsible for the marketing side”.

Aside from some divisive gameplay, the ESRB rating summary does suggest that the Silent Hill 2 remake will at least indulge the edgy tone. Its signature violent imagery and mature themes helped make the series more visceral, compelling, and immersive.

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  1. What about Silent Hill f where’s that game at? Where’s the new Castlevania game that was supposed to be shown last year?

  2. Capcom needs to remake Resident Evil 1 already and 0, Code Veronica, and Revelations 1 and 2 also Haunting Ground. Sega should remake Deep Fear, and Rule Of Rose should be remade, Sony should get Bluepoint on a Siren remake. Hopefully the other games in Silent Hill are remade and they don’t pull a Resident Evil remake 1 before 3.

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