Silent Hill 2 Devs: ‘Trailer Wasn’t Representative of the Game’

silent hill 2

At the end of January, the PlayStation State of Play showcase was streamed online, and a key part of that event was the reveal of a brand-new ‘combat trailer’ for Silent Hill 2. Sadly, that trailer failed to capture the core elements of what makes Silent Hill one of the most legendary horror franchises ever, making it seem much more action-packed and energetic than it actually is.

Recently, an interview surfaced online talking to the developer of the Silent Hill 2 remake – Bloober Team – in which the President of the company spoke about the online reaction to the trailer.

‘The Spirit of the Game’

In the interview (which has now been taken down pending maintenance), Piotr Babieno, the head honcho at Bloober, touched on the topic of the negativity aired following the release of the new trailer. He cut a few jokes about the topic and then got serious, making it clear that:

We are not responsible for the marketing side. That is entirely the responsibility of our partner (Konami). Certainly this trailer does not reflect the spirit of the game. It is not the spirit of either what it used to be or what we are creating now.

He stressed that gamers – especially long-time fans of the franchise – will ‘judge it in a completely different way’ when they finally get their hands on the highly anticipated product. It was recently confirmed that Silent Hill 2 is ‘close’ to being finished, but there’s no release date available just yet.

It’ll be the latest in a long line of horror remakes to hit the market, following in the successful footsteps of the Resident Evil series, among others.

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