Sony Has Said Rise of the Ronin ‘Was Never’ Coming to South Korea

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It was recently claimed that, as a result of controversial comments from Team Ninja, Sony had blocked the launch of Rise of the Ronin in South Korea. It was said that a sensitive political topic brought up by inflammatory comments made by the game’s director had led Sony to pull pre-orders of the game in the country – but Sony has now cleared the air on the subject by insisting the game ‘was never officially announced for release in Korea’.

That’s One Way to Put It

Sony has confirmed to IGN that Rise of the Ronin is not going to be sold or published in South Korea in ‘any form, physical or digital’, but nobody knows why. It’s a confusing situation that was exacerbated by some standout tidbits in the last week or so.

For instance, the Korean ratings board listed Rise of the Ronin, there’s a version of the game with Korean language support, and when Rise of the Ronin was revealed in 2022, it was featured on the South Korean PlayStation Blog.

In a statement, a Sony spokesperson reportedly said:

Rise of the Ronin for PlayStation 5 was never officially announced for release in Korea.

That’s the situation cleared up, then. Rise of the Ronin releases exclusively on PlayStation 5 on March 22, bringing open-world, sword-swinging action to players everywhere.

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