Crystal Dynamics Has Released New Tomb Raider Art

tomb raider

On a Crystal Dynamics-backed website boasting all things Tomb Raider, fresh art for the upcoming, in-development game of the same name has been revealed. In two shots, we see what’s being dubbed a ‘unified’ Lara Croft – a perfect hybrid between classic Croft and the more recent character model that has existed since 2013.

It’s not our first time seeing this particular character, though.

New But Not For Everyone

Call of Duty fans will recognise the Lara Croft featured in the new art found on – it’s the same character model made available in an exclusive Tomb Raider bundle last year.

In traditional Tomb Raider format, the artwork shows the legendary heroine dual-wielding Colt pistols while sporting her typical blue tank top and short shorts. In one shot, Croft is preparing to fight a fearsome Tyrannosaurus Rex – a throwback to the first game in the series.

There’s not much more known about the in-development game at present. It was revealed recently that there’s a new live-action series being created by Amazon, which purchased the licensing rights to Tomb Raider in 2022 for a reported $600 million.

If you want to see the art for yourself, you’ll need to sign up on and solve a simple puzzle. It wouldn’t be Tomb Raider without a puzzle, right?

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