Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Sales Drop About 90% in Japan

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Sephiroth
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According to the latest sales report from Famitsu, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth sales in Japan fell to 24,482 copies for the week of March 4th to March 10th.

The game’s total sales now sit at 287,138 in its second week after release. It previously held first place, selling 262,656 copies throughout its launch week.

This may surprise fans, since critics and players alike gave Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth very strong reviews. However, the numbers actually fall in line with the series’ previous releases in Japan.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth launched on February 29th for PlayStation 5, and it’s also currently a “Metacritic Must-Play” title. The demo alone, released earlier that month, also gained positive reactions.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Grasslands Party
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Last week, Yoshinori Kitase suggested that Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth was only so successful because it exclusively launched on PlayStation 5.

Kitase explained that a single platform allowed for a seamless world map, and “game design may have had to regress significantly”.

It is the latest installment in the ongoing series of Square Enix remakes. It’s a sequel to Final Fantasy VII Remake, which also received enormous critical acclaim when it released in 2020.

Meanwhile, a PC version of Final Fantasy 16 is reportedly in “the final stages” of optimization.

Producer Naoki Yoshida said that a demo for the game “won’t be too distant in the future; it won’t be a year”. Final Fantasy XVI released worldwide in June 2023 for the PlayStation 5.

Last month, Square Enix also announced plans to overhaul its development process. Takashi Kiryu stated that these changes would be revealed in spring 2024. Reports suggest it could come as soon as April.

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  1. No surprise the game is trash the first one was trash and therefore this would be worse.

  2. They should have made Kingdom Hearts 4 instead or Verum Rex/Versus 13. If KH4 came out instead it would’ve done much better than this awful game. This is all on Square it’s their bad decision making. Go buy Super Mario RPG instead it’s an actual good game.

    1. They should have made Versus XIII all along speaking of Mario I hope Nintendo buy Square Enix.

  3. No it was always going to fail the problem is the echo chamber the publishers and influencers created they refuse to see all the flops they made were their faults. KH4 should have come out first that game had more hype and was multiplatform but now the hype is dead.

    1. True the influencers have been a huge problem they ignore everything until it’s too late and execs are stupid for listening to them. The FF7R community just refused to let KH4 come out since they hate it for some reason it seems to be an age thing between boomers and zoomers.

    1. That game is never coming out just buy Reynatis later this year it’s everything fans wanted,

  4. The PS5 is tanking in Japan, Helldivers 2 is taking everyone else’s time, not to mention other titles like Tekken and this is an exclusive for a while not even on PC. No one is going to buy this trash in large numbers. Maybe now they admit that Final Fantasy is dead or at least these over priced games. The story is too complicated too if it was a straight up remake not a reinterpretation split in 3 games and possibly 3 generations of consoles it would have sold better.

  5. They thought people bought PS5 just only play FF7 Remake. So naive. People already jump to PC Gaming RIG for a long time. Exclusive for what? MS already learned the lessons. Sony still stuck at middle of the console war on its own. Exclusive will just slap the developers. Follow the time, not remain there forever. I just laughed out loud for their shame decisions.

  6. I’m confused. Which idiot assumes sales will remain the same after the games 1st week of release? People who wanted the game would have pre ordered it, bought it in its first week or buy it in the following month or two. Sales drop after the hype train that is week 1.

  7. First and foremost to everyone saying the game was bad you’re wrong. Ff7 rebirth is quite the spectacle the relatively large world is free to explore at your leisure and answers some if not all of the questions you had regarding the remake. The game itself is easy to play has fun combat options and a good story that is even more in depth than the original ff7 at times.

    Now for those who wanted kh4 first as a kingdom hearts fan myself I understand the appeal of the kh games. If the new kh gets even half the love rebirth did it will be truly phenomenal. In other words let square Enix do what they want. Who cares if the hype dies true fans will always by the games in the end.

    Sales drop that’s what they do. Quit equating a lack of sales dropping with a game being bad. There are tons of good games out there that barely get any sales at all. If you don’t like the game that’s fine but don’t complain about it.

  8. They should have made Versus XIII, Verum Rex, or KH IV this game was always going to flop so another L for Square what now? XVI underperformed, this underperformed, KH IV has no update since 2021, how is this company staying afloat? Nomura is the only AAA guy keeping Square alive just stop all this other trash and let him make the AAA games moving forward.

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