Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection Receives ‘Mostly Negative’ Reviews on Steam

Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection has received mostly negative reviews on Steam following its launch. The game that launched on March 14 by Aspyr has been slammed for its lack of multiplayer servers, large download size, and unplayable state due to bugs.

On launch, the game only had three multiplayer servers available, taking the total player count to 192 total (64×3), which meant that only around 2% of the total 9232 players who tried to access the game on launch could play a match.

In addition to complaints about server capacity, many have expressed frustration at the game’s download size, which stands at just shy of 63GB for some users.

Twitter user @sebbaku has also compiled a lot of complaints the majority of players have expressed and for a game that costs $35:

  • Unstable server connection + Frequent DCs
  • Teams cannot spawn properly in Conquest + Hero VS
  • Matches end way too quickly as ticket consumption is drastically increased
  • Hoth has purple and black missing textures (may add more to thread)
  • No Invert Controls
  • Gungan model errors that crash the game
  • Control Mapping Complications
  • Achievements aren’t working
  • UI ‘upgrade’ is controversial (viewed as a downgrade)
  • Story Missions are missing cutscenes -Incorrect Audio Output
  • No Forced Team Balance (BF1)

The game initially did receive some positive reviews from content creators and media who had the opportunity to play the game early, but it seems like that experience was extremely limited and did not represent the final game – shocker.

What do you think of Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection?

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