You Can Now Buy Clothes in Escape From Tarkov With Real Money

It was a few weeks ago that Battlestate Games lifted the lid on a series of microtransactions coming to its insanely popular extraction shooter title, Escape from Tarkov. It started with the option to buy extra rows in a player’s ‘stash’, it was continued with the ability to buy access to the game’s practice co-op mode, and in the latest evolution, Tarkov fans the world over have been given the ability to buy in-game clothing with real-world money.

For just a few Euros, you can unlock a series of outfits in Tarkov – and they’re made up of some of the best clothing items in the game.

Fashion Parade

It has been on the cards for the longest time, but it has taken Battlestate Games almost eight years to introduce microtransactions to Escape from Tarkov. For a while, it seemed as though they’d never arrive – but now that the ball has started rolling, there are no signs of it slowing down.

In the latest step on the path to riches, Battlestate Games has listed three outfits for both of the player factions in Tarkov: USEC and BEAR. They’re pretty nifty outfits, boasting some of the most sought-after items of clothing in the game. They start at a measly €5 for the lowest-tiered items, but the nicest outfits will run you a cost of €12.

It was noted that once you’ve bought these items, they’ll remain unlocked forever, so you can start the next wipe with some tasty drip.

Here are the clothing bundles in Escape from Tarkov:


  • Oldschool (Telnik Upper, Oldschool Lower)
  • Zaslon (Zaslon Upper and Lower)
  • G99 (G99 Upper and Lower)


  • Woodland Infiltrator (Woodland Infiltrator Upper and Lower)
  • Night Patrol (Night Patrol Upper, Deep Recon Lower)
  • Urban Responder (Urban Responder Upper and Lower)

To buy these bundles, you’ll need to log into your account on, seal the deal, and then equip them from Ragman the very next time you play Escape from Tarkov.

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