First Images of White Xbox Series X ‘All-Digital’ Leaked Online

Recently, rumours surfaced online regarding an all-white, all-digital Xbox Series X being released this year, in June or July. The details regarding this console were scarce, but it was claimed that the console will boast an ‘improved heatsink’, among other expected features. As the world of gaming pushes towards a digital horizon, it comes as no surprise that Microsoft is leaning more heavily into consoles without disc drives, and thanks to the latest leak, images of the all-digital Xbox Series X are now in the wild.

Series X, But Disc-less

In a series of images provided by sources close to eXputer, we get our first look at the all-digital Xbox Series X console, which is white as standard. The images, which appear to be hastily shot pictures in a testing facility somewhere, show the front and back of the console – but there’s nothing extraordinary to note bar the colour difference and, of course, the missing disc drive.

In every other respect, it looks like an Xbox Series X – just one that has undergone a spray job. Check out the images provided by eXputer here.

It’s expected to retail for less than the standard Xbox Series X console, which features a disc drive, but it’s not yet known what that price tag will look like.

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