Palworld’s Latest Update Includes First ‘Raid Boss’

bellanoir palworld raid

It was a few weeks ago that Pocketpair teased the impending arrival of Palworld’s first new ‘Pal’ and a fresh raid experience that would lead to players facing off with the game’s first super-powerful boss character, Bellanoir. It was said by the developer that ‘only the most skilled Pal Tamers stand a chance against her’, referring to the new Pal that was revealed on March 15.

Now, Palworld has received a sizeable update that includes the addition of this new raid, amongst many other changes, alterations, and additions.

Get Ready to Raid

With Palworld’s latest update (, players can access the game’s first raid, facing off against Bellanoir in a desperate battle that’ll almost certainly end in more than a few frustrated losses. It has been referenced that, in the raid, Bellanoir is ‘incredibly powerful and difficult to defeat’.

There is a huge array of changes being introduced to Palworld with this latest update. For instance, there’s a new ‘training manual’ mechanic that’ll allow players to imbue Pals with experience points. More items have been added to boost interactions with Pals, such as ‘Ability Glasses’, ‘Recovery Meds’, and a few food items.

Pocketpair has also amended how certain Pals work, ranging from how they behave in a fight to what they’re capable of producing.

Outside of the additions, Pocketpair has introduced dozens of fixes and quality-of-life improvements, which is typical for an update of this size. This includes amendments to the game’s anti-cheat systems, dedicated server setup, and a wide variety of bug fixes.

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