Sources: EA Sports UFC 5 Will Have Online Career Mode

EA Sports UFC 5 online career mode
Image from UFC 4

Insider Gaming has learned more about what EA Sports UFC 5 will have to offer players, and that includes an online career mode.

According to multiple sources, the mode features only created fighters. The mode will see players fight in one of four divisions and rise up rankings to attempt to win a championship.

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Insider Gaming was told that progression will be similar to that of ranked championships from prior UFC games. There will be differences, however, in the form of evolution points. These points, it’s said, will let players improve their fighter the more they fight online.

Each division will allow for a different created fighter. Fights will be found via skill-based matchmaking.

For those wondering, the online career mode is in addition to the offline mode. Insider Gaming was told that the classic career mode isn’t going away.

EA Sports UFC 5 will launch on October 27 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

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