How to Unlock Season 05 Reloaded Weapons in Call of Duty

season 05 reloaded

Call of Duty’s Season 05 Reloaded update is upon us, and with it comes a small array of all-new weapons, including the 9mm Daemon (handgun), the Pickaxe (melee), and the Lachmann Shroud (SMG). For those who are eager to jump in and unlock all these new weapons, we’ve put together a quick-fire guide to explain just how you’d go about doing that when the update goes live tomorrow, August 30th.

It’s No Longer a Secret

Following the application of the Season 05 Reloaded update, players will notice that their battle pass has changed slightly, and Sector E0 has now opened up for those who have either completed Sector E2 or who took part in the limited-time ‘Faction Showdown’ event and played for the winning team – Task Force 141.

In this Sector, players have the ability to unlock exclusive rewards, including a 30-minute Double XP and Double Weapon XP Token, and three all-new weapons: the 9mm Daemon, Lachmann Shroud SMG, and the Pickaxe.

They’re fantastic weapons on paper, but how do you unlock them once the Season 05 Reloaded update has been deployed?

Unlock the Pickaxe

To unlock the pickaxe, get 15 Operator Kills with Melee Weapons in Call of Duty

Unlock the 9mm Daemon

To unlock the 9mm Daemon handgun, get 15 Operator Headshot Kills with Pistols

Unlock the Lachmann Shroud

To unlock the Lachmann Shroud, complete every other challenge in Sector E0 (Token, Pickaxe, and 9mm Daemon), and then get 30 Operator Hipfire Kills with SMGs.

They’re easy enough challenges, and within just a few short rounds of multiplayer, you should have three brand-new weapons to play around with.

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