Sources: EA Sports UFC 5 Will Release In October, Why It’s Rated M

EA Sports UFC 5 release

EA Sports UFC 5 is on the way, and Insider Gaming has the first details about some things players can expect including the game’s release date.

Sources have told Insider Gaming that EA Sports UFC 5 is set to launch on October 27 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. For those who were hoping for it, there isn’t a PC version of the game.

On the cover of the Standard Edition of the game will be Valentina Shevchenko and Alexander Volkanovski. Israel Adesanya will be on the cover of the Deluxe Edition.

What About That Mature Rating?

One thing fans noticed when registration for the game’s beta was opened is that UFC 5 was moving from a T for Teen rating to M for Mature. The reason, sources say, is that it allowed developers to add “more realistic aspects of damage” as well as render damage in greater detail. The game will also feature blood pooling on the canvas, which also played a part in the rating moving to M.

Who’s In EA Sports UFC 5?

Similar to UFC 4, the game will feature the biggest names in the UFC in a roster that will change and grow post-launch. In addition to current UFC fighters, there will be legendary fighters added to the game’s roster.

Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, and Fedor Emelianenko are all a part of the game’s roster as a pre-order bonus.

What do you think of the first details, like the release date and M rating, of EA Sports UFC 5? For more Insider Gaming, check out details on the first early access patch coming to Starfield.

  1. If it’s M then bring Pride Mode back finally!! I don’t know why they won’t. Maybe it was the rating but now that’s gone so bring Pride back now! In Frostbite it will look sooo goooood!

  2. EA is sitting on a ton of things I guess this means Fight Night comes back next year? Since it was on hold for this game I also assume it’s in Fristbite. EA Vancouver should also bring Def Jam back, NBA Street, and SSX there’s a whole wave of early 2000’s nostalgia they should strike now they’re a massive studio they can handle all that. I hope they confirm Pride mode is back in UFC 5.

  3. Not UFC related but can you guys ask about the unknown Marvel EA game? We know Motive is making Iron Man, Cliffhanger is making Black Panther, but no idea who’s making the other game or what it is. A while back a leak said EA is making a Marvel fighting game if that’s true is this going to be the studio making it?

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