Lara Croft’s Tomb Raider Pack Revealed in Call of Duty

tomb raider pack

For a few weeks, we’ve known that the infamous Lara Croft will be making her way into the halls of Call of Duty fame in the form of a Tomb Raider pack. Following a content drop that has revealed the future beyond the Season 05 Reloaded update, we now know what Lara Croft will look like in Modern Warfare II and Warzone, and it looks as though she’s a fusion of the classic and the modern versions of the character.

Alongside Lara Croft, we also got our first look at 21 Savage’s Operator, we were introduced to the new Warzone map – Fort Resurgence – and we saw shots of the new weapons coming to the ecosystem when the Season 05 Reloaded update drops tomorrow, August 30th.

Welcome, Miss Croft

Lara Croft is dropping into Call of Duty with her exclusive Tomb Raider pack, which includes everything you’ve come to expect from an Operator bundle. Her ‘Tracer Pack’ bundle includes three limited weapon blueprints – the Ice Axe, the Mythic Defender, and Mach-5 dual pistols. She’ll also get a special finishing move, a vehicle skin, a loading screen, a sticker, and an emblem.

It might seem like a sizeable bundle, but it carries a price tag to suit – it’s expected that the Tomb Raider pack will run you up a bill of 2400 COD Points – around $19.99, in real-world money.

Strangely, this iteration of Lara Croft isn’t recognisable when compared to previous models, but she does bear traits of – well, all of them, basically. She has the iconic blue-vested outfit worn by the classic Lara Croft, and has certain details – like the green trinket necklace – that was worn by Lara in 2013’s Tomb Raider reboot.

Will you be purchasing the Tomb Raider pack when it goes live?

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