Sources: EA Sports UFC 5 Moving To Frostbite Engine With New Gameplay Features

UFC 5 gameplay features frostbite engine
Screenshot from UFC 4

With EA Sports UFC 5 set to be revealed in the coming weeks, Insider Gaming has learned a bit about some of the new gameplay features coming to the game.

A Brand New Engine

Insider Gaming has learned that EA Sports UFC 5 will move from the Ignite Engine to Frostbite for the first time.

With the move to Frostbite, UFC 5 moves from 30 frames per second (FPS) to 60 FPS. In addition to FPS, the transition to Frostbite brings more detailed characters, better light, and even a new environment presentation.

While we can’t share the footage in order to protect sources, Insider Gaming was shown clips of the game. The clips shown feature newly created walkouts that look nearly on par with what you’d see when watching actual UFC events. All of the fighters have also received updates to improve the quality of the character design in-game.

Gameplay In The Octagon

As discovered earlier, EA Sports UFC 5 will be rated M for Mature for the first time. This was because of how damage works within the octagon. Insider Gaming was shown how the damage plays out in fights. Elements like swelling and bruising accumulate with more accuracy as a fight progresses.

On each fighter, there are eight regions for bruising, cuts, and swelling. One source said that it is claimed that the damage can be combined in “up to 64,000” ways.

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In addition to damage, there will be a new cinematic replay for knockouts (KO) that is supposed to improve the presentation during and after the moment of a KO.

It was also shown to Insider Gaming that fighters will suffer broken noses, swelled eyes, and more in fights. Each impairment will cause an issue for the fighter throughout the bout. There will also be chances of doctor stoppages.

For the fighting itself, it was said that the submission minigames are being removed. Instead, there is a newly built system based on transitions. The clip sent to Insider Gaming shows it looks similar to the systems of past UFC titles.

EA Sports UFC 5 launches on October 27 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

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