Excited For Starfield? Build Your Character Now

starfield character

Starfield will start to launch on Thursday, August 31st for early access users who have pre-ordered a special edition of the game, but it still seems like it’s too far away. Fortunately, one handy platform is offering prospective fans the ability to play with character builds and perk calculators ahead of time, giving them an opportunity to plan their protagonist’s path now.

It’s the same platform that also hosts character build planners for the likes of Cyberpunk 2077, Fallout 76, Skyrim, and The Outer Worlds, among other games.

Be Prepared

Starfield is poised to be one of the greatest games of all time if the hype is to be believed. If you’re hungry for a taste of the game now, you can jump onto the Nukes & Dragons ‘Character Build Planner & Calculator’ and start fleshing out your intended build in Starfield, mere days before the finished product launches for early access users.

It’s worth stressing that it isn’t perfected – it’s in development as we speak – but it’s a great glimpse at the potential classes, perks, and abilities that users will be able to unlock and work towards when the game goes live.

In Starfield, players select a ‘backstory’ for their characters, then they arrange points into a series of categories that range from physical to social and from combat to tech, and then finally, they select three key traits. It’s admittedly going to take the average player around fifteen hours to simply craft their character, if Bethesda’s RPGs are anything to go by, so getting the upper hand now isn’t a bad idea.

Special thanks to GamesRadar for spotting the build creator.

What kind of character are you planning to create in Starfield?

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