Sony Patents a DualSense Controller With Integrated Charging Earbuds

Sony’s innovation knows no bounds – with one of its potentially game-changing temperature-shifting controller patents to the newly found latest gem: a patent that promises to revolutionize your earbud experience – Sort of.

First spotted by Gamerant, the patent application from Sony centers around the convergence of two prominent hardware offerings: the DualSense controller, a hallmark of the PS5, and the highly anticipated Pulse Explore Earbuds, which Insider Gaming exclusively reported on and is slated for a late 2023 release. While both accessories might not seem like they could integrate together, Sony has filed a new patent that allows the recharging of earbuds directly through the DualSense controller.

Within the patent’s technical framework, the DualSense controller is equipped with precision-engineered slots expressly tailored for the secure housing and seamless charging, pairing, and synchronization of the Pulse Explore earbuds. Notably, the design appears optimized for compatibility exclusively with Pulse Explore earbuds, rendering the offering relatively specialized.

However, this innovation presents an exciting prospect. These earbuds may have the capacity to replace the inbuilt speaker box of the controller, thus offering the potential for a notably enhanced auditory experience.

Leveraging the Pulse Explore’s capabilities in lossless audio transmission with minimal latency, users can anticipate superior audio quality when compared to other wireless headphones and earbuds, too. The patent’s accompanying visual representations suggest an ongoing exploration by Sony into the optimal placement of these earbud slots, indicating the company’s commitment to refining this groundbreaking feature.

It’s important to remember that just because a patent was filed, it does not mean we will see these products any time soon… If at all. My one thought is how much would this controller cost and would it include the Pulse Explore Earbuds?

Would you use a controller that could charge your Pulse Explore Earbuds for you while you play? Let us know in the comments!

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