New Sony Patent Will Change the Temperature of Your Controller

A new Sony patent publication in March 2023 has revealed that Sony might be aiming to take its Haptic Feedback features on the DualSense controller one step further. Discovered by ResetEra user SpartaNNNN, the patent allows the ability to emulate the controller’s temperature to reflect gameplay moments.

According to the patent, the new controller will replace the plastic used in PlayStation controllers with a new deformable elastic sensor/gel-like material. “A controller comprising of a sensor using an elastically deformable elastic member, the sensor being configured to detect user’s contact with or deforming action of the elastic member and output an electric signal based on the detected contact or deforming action”, says the patent.

For example, being in a hot environment would increase the temperature of the controller whereas being in a cold environment would decrease it.

One of the biggest questions for the new controller would be how much it affects the battery life – Because as we know, the DualSense has a notoriously bad battery life compared to the competition.

At the moment this is just a patent and it’s possible that the feature never sees the light of day, but it’s definitely interesting to see where the future may lie with our controllers.

Do you want to see a temperature controlled controller?

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