Sony’s New DualSense Patent Makes Gaming Super Easy


It has been revealed in a patent application that Sony has conceptualised a DualSense controller that would make gaming as accessible and simplified as possible. In the recently published document, a controller was shown with a touchscreen instead of a touchpad, and it was explained that the screen, along with buttons that lit up to prompt inputs, would be used to guide the player through whatever they were trying to accomplish.

Patents Aren’t Promises

It’s an interesting enough concept that has some solid use cases. For instance, it would help young, first-time gamers understand the controls for a game much faster, illuminating the buttons they need to press to accomplish certain goals. But with that in mind, it’s important to stress that the existence of a patent means very little, in the grand scheme of things.

Earlier this year, a new Sony patent surfaced, showcasing a controller that could change temperature. Then, a little later, another one hit the airwaves, this one boasting the ability to store a pair of earbuds in the back of it.

In the report published by GameRant that surfaced this patent document, it was recorded that the concept goes hand-in-hand with a predictive AI model that would be able to figure out ahead of time when you’re likely to struggle with something, preparing the tips and prompts ahead of time.

It’s not the worst idea Sony has ever had.

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  1. It’s almost like someone else did the touchscreen controller before. Hmm maybe Nintendo with the Wii u and third parties have done cooling and temperature adjusted controllers before. Sony needs to come up with something original

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