Halo Season 2 Release Date Leaked By Paramount Plus

Halo Season 2 release date

The Halo season 2 release date has been accidentally leaked by its own streaming service, Paramount Plus, on YouTube.

Recently, the entire first season was put up for free on YouTube to restart hype for the show. Unfortunately, the playlist’s description also revealed when the second season is going to start streaming, an announcement that likely wasn’t ready to be revealed yet.

According to the, now updated, description, Halo season 2 will begin streaming on February 8, 2024.

Paramount has yet to comment on the leaked release date. With it only being two months away, however, an official announcement could be coming sooner rather than later from the company.

Paramount has not responded to Insider Gaming’s request for comment on the release date leak.

If you want to watch the first season of Halo, you can do so via the playlist below or on Paramount Plus.

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