Fortnite Had 100 Million Players in November

og fortnite

In a testament to the power of nostalgia, it was revealed that Fortnite secured 100 million players during November, and that’s all thanks to the deployment of ‘OG’ Fortnite. It was a grand revisiting of the original map that kicked off Fortnite’s battle royale-based success all those years ago, and it brought tens of millions of players back to the game.

The Power It Has

There’s something special about nostalgia, even if it’s only taking us back a few years. For instance, if Verdansk were to return to Warzone, it’s widely assumed millions of players would jump into the game to run it back, despite the map only having been missing from the title for two years.

Fortnite’s OG run was a monumental success, propelling the game to the top of streaming and gaming charts the world over.

When OG Fortnite went live, it was revealed that 44.7 million players flocked to the game in a single day, breaking the previous record. Now, another record has been decimated, and 100 million players were recorded dropping in over a month. It has been six years since Fortnite’s battle royale platform launched, and it’s still dramatically powerful, that’s for sure.

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