Sony Has Canceled an Unannounced Sci-Fi Shooter, It’s Claimed

It’s been claimed that Sony has canceled an unannounced sci-fi shooter at Final Strike Games that was in development for three years.

The claims come from Twitter user @bogorad222, who provided Insider Gaming with evidence of the claims from an ex-developer at the studio under the condition that the source remains anonymous.

It was said that the game was two years away from its release – With the intention being to release the game on the PlayStation 5 and PC. According to the screenshots provided, Final Strike Games had a 40% reduction in headcount because of the canceled project.

Final Strike Games was first founded in 2016 and released Rocket Arena, which was published by Electronic Arts. In June 2021, the developers began live services support at Epic Games on the likes of Fortnite. According to the company’s website, the developers are working on an “unannounced New IP AAA PVP shooter for PC and Console”, but it’s unclear if this is the canceled project or not that has been discussed.

As for what Sony has lined up for the future remains to be seen, but rumours suggest that the next big PlayStation Showcase is scheduled to take place at the end of this month. According to journalist Jeff Grubb, the showcase will set up “phase 2” of the PlayStation 5. Insider Gaming sources have suggested that this is likely to include the announcement of the new PlayStation 5 and other hardware.

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