Skybound Is Raising Money For New AAA Invincible Game

Skybound wants to make a new AAA Invincible game and is crowdfunding to make it happen.

The company announced the crowdfunding campaign on Monday with the goal of building the game within a 30-person studio. This studio, according to Skybound, consists of developers who have worked for companies like Activision Blizzard, Amazon Games, and EA. Invincible creator Robert Kirkman will also be involved in the project.

“We are thrilled to launch this Regulation Crowdfunding campaign on Republic, inviting fans to join us on this new expansion and venture,” David Alpert, CEO of Skybound Entertainment, said via release. “At Skybound, we prioritize fostering meaningful connections with our audience, and this initiative allows fans to not only immerse themselves in the world of Invincible but also to directly contribute to its expansion.”

As of writing, the campaign has raised just under $450,000 with two weeks left to invest in the funding. If you want to know more about the campaign or invest yourself, you can do so on Republic.

Recently, Skybound released a new free-to-play shooter within Fortnite called Invincible Universe – Rise of the Sequids.

What do you think of Skybound raising money for a new AAA Invincible game? For more Insider Gaming, check out what fans are doing to make long-defunct shooter Lawbreakers playable again.

  1. Where is he getting this money Kirkman has been spending big for a while now on so many things. Also I would prefer a fighter with all the Image comics universe characters in it basically an Arc Sys like or a platform fighter in the Ryan Ottley style. If Kirkman has this money he should buy the Liefeld stuff from Andrew Rev.

    1. I wish the cartoon was more faithful to the comic and the Ottley art style the voice cast is trash too. Same with The Boys the comic was better.

  2. Skybound should talk to McFarlane and Top Cow. I would love to finally have a third person open world Spawn game and The Darkness game.

  3. Skybound is making their own cartoons they should offer to buy Dark Horse from Embracer for Hellboy finally make a new Hellboy cartoon and proper Usagi one. Also games Hellboy as a proper AAA title, Usagi as like a open wot game, The Mask, Concrete, and a ton of other franchises the manage. They should buy IDW too if the new TMNT game gets cancelled Skybound could take that license too.

  4. They should get the DC comic license and AAA single player game license finally make a Batman Beyond open world game I know they’re cool with Higgins so he can write also adapt his comics Radiant Black and COWL. We need a Firebreather game too from Skybound and a full cartoon.

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