Skull and Bones – The Agent’s Stash Location Guide

The Agent’s Stash can be difficult to locate, though it is a vital part of the Cutthroat Secrets mission. You’ll find this a common trait of Skull and Bones.

Luckily, there are typically clues as to where you should go and what you should be looking for. You must find the Agent’s Stash to gather information about Scurlock’s traitors.

Sometimes, everything you need to find an item is right in front of your face. In fact, it can be so obvious that you don’t notice it. Here is a guide to help you find The Agent’s Stash.

Examine The Treasure Map

To find The Agent’s Stash, you need to examine the treasure map you’re using. Thankfully, using a treasure map is pretty straight forward. In fact, you should see instructions at the top of the map.

The map will tell you to head to the Sunken Gold Mine. Once you’re there, examine the map again and take a look at the structure in the upper right corner.

Island Location

If you can find that structure, you will find the treasure. Looking at your map, the location will be far west of Sainte-Anne, just west of Harufu.

Finding The Agent’s Stash

Upon landing, you will follow the path between the rock walls. After the wooden plank bridge, veer to your right and continue on the path.

You will go straight up the hill then straight down the other side. You should see a fire and a tree in the distance. Once you can see the tree, veer to your right when you’re out from the path and veer right again to go up another path.

Follow this path all the way up and straight ahead of you there should be a glowing orange marker in the dirt. You will notice the rock formation that was on the map is right behind this marker. You will then receive the Agent’s Stash which is a Dying Message.

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