Respawn Plans Series of Security Updates After Apex Legends Hack

In a new Twitter post, Respawn Entertainment officially announced plans for a series of new updates in Apex Legends to increase security.

Respawn’s post addresses the recent player hacks at the Apex Legends Global Series. Professional eSports player accounts were hacked in the middle of the North American Regional Finals tournament.

Naturally, Respawn did not reveal complete details behind the hack, nor the nature of their security updates. Despite reports of an RCE exploit in Easy Anti-Cheat, EAC later said it was “confident” there is no such exploit.

Today’s post says that Respawn teams have already deployed “the first of a layered series of updates”. It’s unclear when the next updates will roll out, but fans did appreciate the open communication.

The hack ultimately postponed the ALGS NA regional finals tournament, which still doesn’t have a new date. The Apex Legends Esports account later issued its own response on Twitter.

The post says that “at this time, we do not anticipate any changes to the Split 1 Playoffs”. The ALGS Year 4 Split 1 Playoffs will be a live LAN event, beginning on May 2nd. The eSports post also reassures fans that more information is coming soon.

Apex Legends recently rolled out a massive new Breakout update, which overhauls Battle Royale gameplay. It may be coincidental that eSports players were hacked after such a big update.

Breakout introduced a new Legend Upgrade system as opposed to EVO leveling. This way, players can adjust their hero mid-game. Players must now use Shield Cores instead of the EVO Shield system.

An undetermined number of employees from the Apex Legends team at Respawn faced layoffs last week. Social media lead Alex Ackerman was among those affected by the layoffs.

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