Apex Legends Global Series Finals Hacked And Postponed

Apex Legends Rampart Finisher

In an official Twitter post, the Apex Legends Esports account indicated that the latest Apex Legends Global Series finals tournament was hacked.

The post explains that the North American regional finals are postponed “due to the competitive integrity of this series being compromised”.

There are currently no other official details. However, as first reported by IGN, the Anti-Cheat Police Department later suggested that the hackers used “an RCE exploit”.

The organization warns that “they have the capabilities to do whatever, like installing ransomware software locking up your entire PC”.

UPDATE – A new Twitter post from Easy Anti-Cheat addresses the reported RCE exploit within EAC. The post says that “there is no RCE vulnerability within EAC being exploited”.

At this time, it’s unclear when the NA finals will resume, and if this postponement will affect future scheduling.

ALGS Year 4 Split 1 Playoffs will begin on May 2nd at the Galen Center in Los Angeles. It will be the first LAN event of the year, with tickets on sale this Friday. The tournament will feature 40 teams across 6 regions.

Apex Legends fans appreciated the open communication about yesterday’s hack. But many took the opportunity to address in-game anti-cheat systems, which players frequently criticize.

The incident also raises concerns about the eSports scene overall, as hacking continues to rattle the industry. Just months ago, Insomniac Games suffered an infamous hack affecting over 1 million files.

For those who did not enjoy an earlier Apex Legends experience, the game just released its major Breakout update last month.

The update overhauls how Battle Royale gameplay functions, introducing a Legend Upgrade system and more. The update released as part of Apex Legends’ fifth anniversary celebration.

Unfortunately, the Apex Legends team at Respawn Entertainment just faced layoffs last week. Respawn Entertainment did not confirm exactly how many employees the layoffs affected.

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