Apex Legends Developer Respawn Hit With Layoffs

Respawn Entertainment, the developers behind Apex Legends, Titanfall, and the Star Wars Jedi series, has been hit with layoffs.

The layoffs come as part of the recent EA announcement that it was laying off 5% of its workforce.

“The Apex team was hit with layoffs today,” level design Aaron Stump said on Twitter. “It sucks seeing some of the people I’ve worked with for almost 3 years now get let go. Hopefully, they land on their feet sooner rather than later.”

One of those people let go was Apex Legends global social media lead Alex Ackerman.

“After 20 Seasons of Apex and 5 years at Respawn nearly to the day, my job has been made redundant and I have been laid off,” she said. “Working on this game and supporting this community has truly been the honor of my career and a highlight of my life.”

Build engineer Tyler Owens added that he’s “completely gutted” by the most recent layoffs at the studio.

As of writing, it’s unclear how many people were let go from Respawn as part of the EA layoffs. Insider Gaming has reached out to the studio for comment and will update this story should a response be received.

In addition to the layoffs, the first-person Mandalorian game from the studio was also cancelled as part of EA’s “restructuring”.

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  1. Microsoft needs to buy EA. Microsoft is third part now so this shouldn’t be a problem. Respawn is a great studio, Dice has an in house engine, Motive can make remakes, Codemasters knows racing games, BioWare knows RPG’s better than Playgroundc and they have a ton of staff who can help games meet deadlines unlike Activision they’re not really too busy since taking them away from Battlefield wouldn’t be bad unlike COD. Dice would be a huge help to Perfect Dark since the studios helping have taken significant layoffs as well and are overbooked with work.

    1. Microsoft needs games too they already plan to raise Game Pass prices with this it would be worth it also having UFC, Fight Night, NBA Street, Def Jam, Madden, all in Game Pass would be great and new titles launching. If Xbox owns Apex maybe they finally let Halo die gracefully.

    1. It would be a great fit and I would love to see Respawn make an original AAA third person game it might be what Xbox needs most.

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