EXCLUSIVE – What Could Have Been – Details on Respawn’s Canceled Mandalorian Star Wars Game

It’s been just two weeks since Insider Gaming exclusively reported on the first details on Respawn Entertainment’s first-person Star Wars Mandalorian game, but just yesterday, the game was officially canceled by EA.

First, it should be said that by all accounts this game was fantastic – and that isn’t just coming from the developers, but from everybody who had the opportunity to play the game. Feedback from playtests was always positive and surrounded by buzz, with the developers enjoying the entire process of working on the project. That being said, for whatever reason, EA felt like the game was too much of a financial risk and has decided to pull the plug.

What was Respawn’s Mandalorian Game?

As previously reported, the game was set to be based on a Mandalorian bounty hunter (not believed to be THE Mandalorian), that would see the player search for bounties across the galaxy.

The game started with ‘the den’, which was the player’s base of operations, that contained your ship, a map of the galaxy, an upgrade station, an armory, and more. It’s understood that it would be here where you would select which bounties you’d want to pursue. The player could then equip the weapons they wanted, upgrade their armor, and then go into the ship and land on the planet where the bounty is located.

The game was not an open world and instead offered a linear level experience, but did have some larger open areas for the player to explore and find their bounties and other secrets. Combat was described as very fast-paced due to the Mandalorian jetpack that allowed for vertical dashing and horizontal boosting for reaching those high-to-reach places. It was also said that there was a takedown feature, which would see your character perform takedowns, somewhat reminiscent of DOOM (but a lot less gorey) to take down enemies.

The main enemies were stormtroopers, who would patrol most maps as you try and complete your bounty and had several different types that you come to expect from a Star Wars game – regular, shotgun, sniper, heavy (rockets), and more. It’s also understood that the game featured ‘boss-like’ enemies periodically, which would see you face AT-ST walkers etc. Other enemies would depend on the planet you were on but could range from gangs of outlaws to other bounty hunters who wanted to beat you to the punch.

It’s believed that the game was still a ways off from its release, but it’s understood that the game had a fairly polished vertical slice and a few other missions/levels near completion.

The game was in development for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S|X, and PC.

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