Requested IndyCar Game Feature Has Been Part Of The Game “Since Day One”

IndyCar Game Feature

After being sent internal messages with requests from an animator for Motorsport Games to include the mode in the IndyCar game, Insider Gaming has confirmed that a “requested” IndyCar game feature will be a part of the game.

A lead developer from the game’s Australian studio confirmed via private messaging that Time Trials is another mode for players to experience.

“Time Trial mode has been in the game design and codebase from day one,” he said.

This information comes after an earlier Insider Gaming report regarding modes and features coming to the upcoming IndyCar game. Based on early information from those who’ve played the game and a screenshot of an alpha build of the game’s main menu, it will feature a championship mode, quick races, online play, and customization. The game also features a fully functioning photo mode, a detail confirmed by CEO Dmitry Kozko.

As far as what the championship mode will entail, those we’ve spoken to have yet to be given access to a build with it active. That said, based on a description provided at the time, it will see players get behind the wheel of an IndyCar with the goal of winning a season championship.

It’s unconfirmed if the mode will be a single-season mode or if it will run multiple seasons.

Motorsport Games’ IndyCar title has been slated to launch in 2023 for some time. Though no exact date has been announced just yet by the company, internal emails confirmed it is still planned for this year. Also still planned for 2023 are the latest NASCAR game and the new Le Mans title.

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