Motorsport Games 2023 Plans Outlined In Obtained Email

Motorsport Games 2023

Motorsport Games is moving forward with its 2023 plans as scheduled, at least according to Motorsport Games CEO Dmitry Kozko.

In a company-wide email obtained by Insider Gaming, Kozko gave employees an update on the plans for the rest of the year. Discussed in the email was the company raising over $11 million in equity funding, the release of the talent at the “former Russian Studio”, and gave an update on the status of various game releases such as IndyCar, Le Mans, and NASCAR.

As far as the company’s finances are concerned, Kozko says the equity funding move as well as converting 100% of the debt with parent company Motorsport Network into equity gives them the runway to focus on the three upcoming games.

Studio-wise, the company is finalizing the release of all team members who didn’t relocate to the new studio in Georgia. It was also revealed that a new Senior Advisor was joining the company.

Former Codemasters CEO Frank Sagnier is joining the company to “help define the product roadmap”.

“Frank [will help us] make sure that we are not overstretching ourselves and delivering something of quality to market,” Kozko told the company. “Frank plans on attracting others whom he worked with closely in the past to help us where needed.”

The Future of Motorsport Games Releases

According to Kotzo, all three aforementioned games are still planned by the executive team for a launch this year.

“Speaking of our release schedule, we continue to fine tune our pipeline for 2023,” Kozko told employees. “The target continues to be to launch IndyCar, NASCAR, and Le Mans in 2023.”

He continued: “How we plan to launch IndyCar and Le Mans I believe is known to all, but in summary, IndyCar development is being headed up by the Australian studio, while Le Mans development is being led by the Studio397 team. We are exploring multiple options on how to launch NASCAR 2023 and once those are solidified, we will make further announcements.”

Regarding the NASCAR 2023 release, this news from Kozko comes on the heels of Insider Gaming learning the source code leak of various Motorsport Games titles won’t move forward from the former employee.

With the game’s development, the NASCAR team remains in the single digits as of writing. Sources have said that whatever team is put together to build out the game won’t be anything of substance. What’s more, is that there is a possibility that the game is more of an update of a previous game rather than the promised brand-new game. Two options floated by sources are either an updated port of NASCAR Rivals or even a reskin of Heat 5.

For IndyCar, the game is still slated for Summer 2023. There are also talks of adding a Time Trials mode to the game after Insider Gaming’s story on the features coming to the game.

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