Madden 24 A “Make Or Break” Release For Management

Changes EA Madden 24

Madden 23 has been caught up in controversy after controversy over the last few months, and EA management has taken notice. Sources have told Insider Gaming that Madden 24 is a “make or break” release for the franchise.

“The discount for players who lost their franchise is only the beginning,” one close to the game’s development said. “EA has big plans for Madden 24 and the management of the game knows how big of a year it is. Not just for the game, but for their future in their positions.”

The discount being referred to is the 50% discount EA announced for any Madden 23 players that lost their Connected Franchise save due to an update pushed by the team at EA Tiburon causing save files to become corrupted. Those players will also receive an invite to the game’s closed beta.

Another source says that the game’s sales ultimately won’t matter as much for Madden 24. If the game releases and suffers similar issues to Madden 23, it’s going to lead to a lot of change among the game’s leadership.

The negative response to the game, which management believes is completely justified by the franchise corruption issues, has forced many inside EA Tiburon to have a “now or never” mentality surrounding the franchise.

What Will Madden 24 Feature?

As far as what fans can expect from Madden 24, things are being kept tight-lipped after gameplay updates were leaked for Madden 23. That said, one area the studio is focusing on is the single-player and offline experience.

For Franchise mode, sources say that the developers feel the mode is almost there with smaller additions — aside from the larger fixes to the database issues — being what’s needed to keep players invested. That said, things like better contract management is said to be one of the higher priorities for the mode, though it’s unclear if it will be ready for Madden 24.

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  1. The bugs in the mut need to be addressed as well because it seems like the game every where is having issues and never gets fixed we spend so much money on the game that their should never be any bugs or they should be addressed quickly. The servers are also a issue lagging or people are causing people to lose the game by the halftime glitch. Not receiving rewards on time or not getting them at all. Madden is starting to feel like a full time job just to get items or players. Solo battles is so much work to not receiving any good cards or packs out of it. Challenges are not as fun because their are so many of them to do for as little small items we get. Another thing is that you can literally add more players into the game. Every team has great players over the years. I’m sure I’m speaking for everyone that plays mut. Their is no reason that we can’t have 70 plus players for every team to make a 53 man roster at every position. Stop picking and choosing who you think that deserves to be in the game. Because at the end of the day I would rather do challenges if I know guaranteed to be able to make a 53 man roster for a team of my choosing.

  2. They need to fix the awful camera view in the franchise mode/my career because it’s unplayable in my opinion. Madden 22 still gets played because the style feels so much better. I’m definitely not Madden 24 especially after the dumpster fire of Madden 23.

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