Exclusive – NetEase Acquired Quantic Dream for Around 100 Million Euros

In March 2022, six months prior to its official announcement, I revealed via eXputer that Netease had acquired 100% of Quantic Dream. Nearly a year on, sources have revealed the extent of that deal.

French developer Quantic Dream had previously had a long-running relationship with Sony, publishing several games three games from 2010; Detroit: Become Human (2018), Beyond: Two Souls (2013), and Heavy Rain (2010). That partnership ended in 2018 following the release of Detroit: Become Human and Insider Gaming understands that Quantic Dream was seeking a partnership or acquisition ever since.

Sources have revealed that NetEase purchased Quantic Dream for around 100 million euros, which was said to be “easily calculable” because of the PACTE law. In 2019, the French Parliament adopted the PACTE law, meaning that all employees got shares in Quantic Dream which aims to better share the value created by companies with its employees.

Several sources, that privately disclosed the payment amount they received following the full acquisition (which was between 50,000 – 100,000 euros) calculated, based on their own percentage, that the company sold for the 100 million euro mark. In addition, sources also revealed that David Cage, the Founder, and CEO held a 51% stake in Quantic Dream with family members, meaning his payout was likely in the realm of 50 million euros.

Sources have previously revealed that Quantic Dream has been struggling with the development of its Star Wars game, Star Wars Eclipse. Issues with its in-house engine were said to be “not for the scope of the project [Eclipse]” and issues with hiring within the company continue to be problematic with over 90 positions available for its Paris studio.

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