Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep Are Returning to Warzone

rebirth island

Two of the all-time most popular Warzone maps are returning to the game’s ecosystem in 2024, it was revealed today. During the COD NEXT showcase, developers revealed that Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep, two of the fast-paced, smaller maps from Warzone’s extensive line-up, will be making a reappearance next year, months after the release of Modern Warfare 3’s ‘version’ of Warzone.

Back to the Roots

Rebirth Island is probably the most popular Warzone map ever – or it’s at least tied with Verdansk. It’s a smaller, high-octane environment that makes for rapid, high-kill games, and it was cherished by players the world over when it was a thing. It’s a map that has existed in at least some way since 2018 when it was available in Blackout – and it was brought back to life for Call of Duty Warzone.

Now, it’s coming backagain.

It’ll be joined by Fortune’s Keep, the less popular but still beloved small-form map that emerged sometime after Rebirth Island did.

Are you excited about the prospect of dropping into Rebirth Island once again?

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  1. These articles need to confirm that these maps are coming back for both mobile and console/pc, which they don’t. Throwing a lot of people through a loop not explaning this properly to gamers.

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