MW3 Ranked Play Arrives in Season One

mw3 ranked play

It was revealed during the COD NEXT showcase that Modern Warfare 3’s Ranked Play platform will go live towards the end of Season One. This mode, which is being delivered by Treyarch, is the much more competitive side of Call of Duty, boasting more restrictions, fewer choices for weapons and equipment, and typically, rules that align with the Call of Duty League.

Ranked Play Confirmed

Modern Warfare 2 (2022) didn’t get Ranked Play until February 2023, despite being released in October 2022. It was an awful delay for the players who prefer a tougher challenge, and given that the Call of Duty League had launched in December 2022, it seemed bizarre to keep players hanging on for so long without Ranked Play.

So, it comes as no surprise that players are excited to learn that Ranked Play will drop halfway through Season One of Modern Warfare 3. There isn’t a specific date at present, but it stands to reason that it’ll be just a few weeks post-launch that players get access to this more challenging mode.

Are you excited about Ranked Play in Modern Warfare 3?

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