Urzikstan: The New Warzone Map Has Been Revealed


Rejoice, Warzone fans! Moments ago, the all-new Warzone map was revealed, and it’s Urzikstan, a familiar location for Call of Duty fans. It’s a map that actually boasts some Warzone vibes – it has a similar look and size, but the overall makeup of the map is quite different. It’s also the map that will play host to the new Call of Duty Zombies experience, much like Al Mazrah was the home of DMZ for a while.

Warzone is Heading to Urzikstan

Urzikstan looks fantastic, and it’s being described as ‘Middle East meets Europe’ by developers. It already appears to be a versatile map that fuses tall skyscrapers with rural points of interest – and it was confirmed that there are eleven key points across the map in total – for now.

From abandoned railway stations to power plants and from construction sites to residential zones, Urzikstan looks very diverse. It’s a welcome change from the wide, open, and relatively sparse map of Al Mazrah, which in my opinion, just boasted way too many empty spaces.

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