MW3 Zombies Map Offers Free Roam, PvE Experience

mw3 zombies map

Call of Duty NEXT has showered fans with as much information as they could need about MW3’s Zombies mode, exploring the map, the foundation of the mode, how players will interact, and how the story kicks off. It was explained that it’s exclusively a player-versus-environment mode that’s set within a massive map that’s completely open for free roaming.

From fast-moving vehicles to never-before-seen levels of verticality, and from traditional power-up machines to enormous, mutated enemies, this could be the most versatile COD Zombies mode ever invented.

MW3’s Zombies Mode Looks Strong

Treyarch spoke about MW3’s Zombies mode at COD NEXT, stressing that it’s a replayable mode that players will want to get into over and over again, and with each new incursion, they’ll find a different experience. The map, which was revealed during the showcase, is tiered, which means that some areas are tougher than others.

There’s a storm that shrinks around the map, suffocating players in a cloud of Aether, which makes enemies harder as it closes in. Ultimately, this is an extraction shooter, so the objective is to kit up, enter the map, then loot up, complete objectives, explore the map, and then successfully extract from the map again for maximum gains.

Many features are taken from Modern Warfare 2’s DMZ, which was recently confirmed to be staying around once Modern Warfare 3 is released on November 10th.

It looks solid – it seems dynamic, there are story missions to complete, and there’s something to entertain both newcomers and veteran Zombies fans. It’ll see multiple teams fighting alongside AI enemies and allies, it boasts all the classic elements of Call of Duty Zombies, but there’s a deep fusion there with a heap of innovative features.

And, most importantly – it’s a live service thing. Over time, Treyarch will be expanding massively on MW3’s Zombies mode.

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