Pocketpair Reveals First Palworld Raid is Coming Soon

In a new official trailer, developer Pocketpair revealed the very first Palworld raid will feature the new “powerful evil pal” Bellanoir.

In the raid, Bellanoir is “is laying siege to the Palpagos Islands”. Today’s trailer does tease mass destruction, and a full reveal of Bellanoir. The new trailer is only cinematic, so fans can only speculate on Bellanoir’s potential abilities.

Pocketpair did not reveal an exact release date for the new content, either. Instead, the devs only confirmed that the new Pal and Raid Battle are “coming soon”.

Earlier today, Pocket Pair also announced that all Pocket Pair games are up to 50% off as part of the Steam Spring Sale, until March 21st.

Last month, Pocketpair revealed that Palworld reached 25 million players in just one month after release. Although some still consider it a trend, the game broke many records, and it continues to evolve.

Pocketpair first announced Raids in January with an Early Access Roadmap. Other features in the roadmap included a Pal Arena to support Pal PvP gameplay and End Game content.

There will also be a variety of upcoming content featuring new Pals, islands, and more.

Yesterday, Pocketpair also revealed it is currently hiring comic artists to “draw Palworld comics”.

A recent Bloomberg interview with Palworld creator Takuro Mizobe revealed there is interest in porting to other consoles. However, it did not confirm specific consoles or a release window.

Mizobe also explained there are no plans to expand Pocketpair, though Palworld is “too big for a studio with our size to handle”. So, the studio is open to “acquisition or a partnership”. This could gain traction soon as Palworld continues to thrive.

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