Pocketpair Wants Palworld on More Platforms

Palworld continues to dominate gaming charts the world over almost two months after it was released to an overwhelmingly positive reception. This open-world, Pokémon-like survival game took the gaming community by storm and sold more than ten million copies in a single week, marking a monumental moment in gaming history and proving the power of indie games.

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Pocketpair – the game’s developer – sat down to speak about the future of Palworld and what it took to get to this point.

Independent For How Long?

One of the key talking points in the Bloomberg interview was Pocketpair’s continued independence – which might not last much longer. Palworld’s creator, Takuro Mizobe, stressed that Pocketpair is ‘content’ with being independent for now but is open to an acquisition or a partnership, stating that Palworld is ‘too big for a studio with our size to handle’.

It was then explained that Pocketpair intends to bring Palworld to other platforms. Until now, it has only been released on PC and Xbox, but that could be set to change. With a whopping 25 million players secured in a single month, there’s no telling how high that number could climb if Palworld were to go industry-wide and make an appearance on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Mobile.

For now, Pocketpair will continue to support and update this sensational game – which the CEO appreciates is likely a once-in-a-lifetime success.

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