Stellar Blade’s Thirst Trap Outfit Will Make Your Game Harder

Stellar Blade is shaping up to be a dramatically popular title, but there are split reasons for that. On one side, you’ve got the players eager to soak up what looks like a genuinely enjoyable post-apocalyptic, action-packed title, and on the other, there are the gamers who are desperate to see enhanced butt-jiggle physics unfold in real-time. The game’s developer, Shift Up, hasn’t been coy about Stellar Blade’s protagonist, making it clear why the character – Eve – looks the way she does.

Recently, the internet blew up following the reveal of an in-game outfit that leaves nothing to the imagination. It’s called the Skin Suit, and it’s exactly what it sounds like. However, there’s a twist wrapped up in this outfit that will present a major threat to any player opting to use it.

That’s What You Get

On social platforms, images of ‘Project Eve’ wearing her Skin Suit were circulated like wildfire. There were in-game clips leaked that showed off all kinds of angles – one that gained particular traction was of Eve climbing a ladder in the Skin Suit, intricately showcasing the attention to detail Shift Up has put into her character model.

However, players eager to snap up the Skin Suit will need to proceed with caution. Recently, Stellar Blade’s Skin Suit description was uncovered, and it seems that it’ll make the game much more challenging – it’s up to you to decide if it’s a fair trade:

Skin Suits are outfits specially crafted by Mother Sphere. It covers the body of the Airborne Squad Member and deploys on its own, or expands and contracts depending on the situation. In other words, it’s like a living skin. (Shield is disabled when you put on this Skin Suit.)

It might be a thirst trap like no other, but the Skin Suit offers no tactical advantage whatsoever – kind of like weapon engravings.

It was already explained that Eve’s extensive wardrobe is almost entirely cosmetic, with no outfit offering a statistical advantage over any of the others – but it seems that the most sought-after outfit will offer a clear disadvantage.

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