PlayStation Stars Diamond Tier Leaked via Dataminer

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A dataminer on Reddit’s /r/GamingLeaksAndRumours has claimed to have found a secret diamond tier for PlayStation stars.

The information was apparently uncovered by the PlayStation mobile app, which reveals a 5th not yet to be announced Diamond tier.

According to the post, it’s claimed that the diamond tier will be “invite only” with the requirements of the tier being “Invite only to Diamond Level”.

The Reddit post claims:

“If you reach this tier you are rewarded with a legendary grade collectible called Level 5 Diorama - Bots Don't Breathe with the description:

In an endless sea of stars, it seems like there’s nowhere to hide. But you wouldn’t be here if you let challenges like that stop you. Welcome to Level 5.”

PlayStation has already received criticism this week for its PlayStation Stars program, where it was revealed that tier 4 members will get priority support in customer service.

To get to tier 4, players will be expected to purchase at least four-full priced games from the PlayStation Store, essentially making some people believe the program is essentially pay-to-win.

It’s unclear if PlayStation will be announcing this 5th tier or not, or if it’s reserved for select individuals that have reached a tier milestone than Level 4. The datamine did discover some images, too. So it’s possible that an announcement could be made in the near future.

How do you think you’ll be able to get PlayStation Stars Diamond Tier?

PlayStation Stars will be available in Asia from September 29th, in the Americas on October 5th, and in Europe and Australia on October 13th.

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