Titanfall is Coming to Apex Legends with Remastered Maps

Apex Legends dataminer KralRindo has discovered nine individual Titanfall 2 maps that have been added to the Apex Legends files following the game’s latest patch. If the datamine comes to fruition, it would be one of the biggest DLC additions to the game since launch.

The maps are rumored to be a part of the Apex Legends Capture Point LTM, which should release in the near future. It’s understood that the Titans from Titanfall 2 will not be coming to the game.

All maps added:

  • Exoplanet
  • Homestead
  • Angel City
  • Black Water Canal
  • Boneyard
  • Crash Site
  • Rise
  • Eden
  • Colony

It’s expected that these maps will be altered slightly as some parts of maps were built with Titanfall 2’s wall-running feature in mind; something that Apex Legends doesn’t have.

Titanfall 2 wasn’t considered a success for EA, with the title sales being “lower than expected“. In part, it’s believed that the reason for poor sales numbers was because the title was sandwiched between the very successful Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Fans have wanted to see a return to the series for years, but sources with knowledge of Titanfall 3’s development had said that the project didn’t leave a pre-development phase.

As always, take the information with a grain of salt for now until official word from Respawn.

Soon, Apex Legends will have its annual Fight or Fright Halloween event, of which you can check out all of the skins coming to the game here.

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