Need for Speed Unbound Playtest Start October 13th

Following on from yesterday’s exclusive article reporting that Need for Speed Unbound will be revealed imminently, it’s believed that EA will be conducting playtests on the game from October 13th.

Playtest invites from EA focus on a series of questions based on racing games, with Need for Speed mentioned throughout. Although such invites don’t confirm a Need for Speed playtests on their own, sources have suggested that such playtests will be ramping up in October for the title.

In addition, Need for Speed Unbound will be the only racing game released by EA in at least the next six months. With F1, WRC 23, and Project Cars 4 too early in development to start such extensive playtesting.

The requirements for the playtest are:

  • Desktop PC or Laptop (does not have to be a gaming PC, any will work)
  • Xbox or PlayStation controller
  • Wired Internet connection/Stable WiFi (100 Mbit/s)
  • Webcam
  • Headset with microphone

To become an EA Playtester, you can sign up via their website here.

This particular playtest will be from October 13th – October 18th for six hours per day. Playtesters will be rewarded with a choice of four EA titles from their EA library.

Need for Speed Unbound is believed to release on December 2nd, 2022 on current-generation consoles only. Small snippets of gaming leaks in the past several months have shown that Unbound will feature cartoon-like elements to its gameplay.

Crashing cars causes cartoons to appear on the screen, drifting corners make smoke come from your wheels, and so on.

EA is yet to confirm that Need for Speed Unbound is in development, but it’s understood that a reveal for the game is likely going to take place next week.

You can sign up for EA Playtesting at their website here.

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