Codemasters’ WRC 23 Lets You Build Your Own Rally Car

Codemasters’ new WRC, currently theorized to be WRC 23, is scheduled to launch sometime in 2023 after the studio resecured the license after 18 years. As first reported by, the new license will span from 2023 to 2027. The deal includes the rights for the studio to publish new titles, in addition to running its esports events.

Sources with knowledge of WRC 23 have revealed details on what to expect.

16 individual classes are currently in the game, including the likes of the WRC and WRC2 to the F2 Kitcar and H1 FWD.

One huge aspect of this year’s game will be the ability to build your own rally car. An in-game currency system will be the driving force of your build. In fact, one source had said that the customization in the game will be somewhat as in-depth as this YouTube video uploaded by the FIA WRC.

It’s understood that all aspects of your rally car can be built from the ground up, starting with your drivetrain where you can pick a front, mid, or rear-engined drive.

From there, your engine, differential, gearbox, clutch, radiator, suspension, brakes, and exhaust can all be bought. Prices of the items will depend on the condition of the parts, with used and worn parts costing far less than brand-new ones.

The car’s cosmetic customization is also as in-depth too, with players being able to pick everything they can think of from big to small. A few examples of external customization pieces include; the front bumper, rear bumper, wheels, mudguards, and even bonnet pins.

Internal customization is just as in-depth too, with players able to customize everything from the steering wheel and digital display, to the seatbelt design and roll cage color.

Players will be able to build multiple builds of cars and able to test drive the built car and swap parts if needed before confirming the build.

It’s understood that WRC has been built on the foundations of the canceled DiRT title that was meant to release sometime soon, with the idea being to save time and money based on both games’ similarities.

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